Games In Progress for jboger
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Total Games: 7

GamePlayersMove#Last MoveLast WarningWhite TimeBlack TimeMatch IDYour Notepad
g1105288683jboger vs. silversurfer421/19/20181/11/2018032d 03:44:17036d 11:06:25m1502885141 
g1105288689rbeckett vs. jboger531/19/20181/1/2018068d 22:54:06041d 15:56:37m1502885141 
g1105292137jboger vs. jcosta291/20/20181/10/2018038d 03:33:25021d 14:00:49m1506782954 
g1105292237coora vs. jboger201/17/20181/1/2018002d 13:55:23023d 03:38:53m1506782954 
g1105292335davidloza vs. jboger241/19/20181/9/2018005d 08:04:32036d 09:29:46m1506782954 
g1105292347jboger vs. alexp251/20/201812/29/2017041d 09:39:50002d 07:54:28m1506782954 
g1105292348alexp vs. jboger441/20/201812/31/2017069d 16:11:35052d 01:22:43m1506782954